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Hand-forged traditional designs


My name is Lin Rhea (pronounced “Ray”) and I am a Master Bladesmith. I live in Arkansas, the heart of the custom knife making world.

My knives are hand forged in the manner of old world craftsmanship. I do not farm out any aspect of my knives…every part is handmade by myself. I am a member of the Antique Bowie Knife Association, American Bladesmith Society and the Custom Knives Collectors Association.

If you have any questions, would like to have a custom knife made or just want to say “Hi” please go to my contact page. Feel free to look around and get to know me and my knives.


My X-Rhea knife. It is my unique design of one piece forged from carbon steel knife.

This concept is inspired by things I’ve learned from my time as a historic blacksmith. It’s development is a fine exercise in hammer control for the smith, yet it produces a strong, beautiful and unique knife.


Articles and tales from the forge

Winner: 2018 John White MS Memorial Best Bowie

There is an annual event that might be overlooked by the average person but for those who are interested in the look and historic significance of the Bowie Knife, this event is pretty exciting. It’s the John White MS (Mastersmith) Memorial Best Bowie...

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Drawn To Success

“That is real art”. These are words that most makers hear from time to time.  The ranks of the ABS hold some wonderful artists, some of which I can only hope to imitate at some time in the future. The limit seems to be unreached even yet, because of what I...

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