There is an annual event that might be overlooked by the average person but for those who are interested in the look and historic significance of the Bowie Knife, this event is pretty exciting.

It’s the John White MS (Mastersmith) Memorial Best Bowie selection. The last week of the calendar year is when it occurs. The managing staff of the event as well as numerous other Bowie Knife enthusiasts, makers, and collectors frequent an internet forum called  Bladeforums  ( ) , in the Custom and Handmade subforum.

Of Bowie knives made in the previous year many are nominated with semi-finalists and then finalists which then are picked by popular vote. Then the poll for the Best Bowie of the year is opened and from the finalists the Best Bowie is voted on.

For the year 2018 I was honored to have one of my Bowies receive this award.

(Photo credit: Caleb Royer)